What is special about Spinnen-Netz?

  • Thematically focused job portal: The Spinnen-Netz is a professional and at the same time personal network with a hand-picked job portal. Every day, we compile interesting or (informally) circulating jobs and job inquiries from NGOs, foundations, the public sector and educational institutions and feed it in the job portal for our members.
  • Contacts and background knowledge to employer organizations: Members move in a protected space and get in touch with other members who work for one of the job-advertising  organizations. We offer informal background information on vacancies, traineeships, assignments, internships and training, as well as preliminary contacts for applications.
  • Exchange in the thematically appropriate network: The network offers exchange formats (Spinn.Bars meet-up’s and workshops) on thematic and methodological trends in the non-profit sector and introduces employers in a meet & greet format.
  • Consulting: We provide job-specific experiential knowledge such as information on starting a job, salary negotiations, starting a business, fee structure and contracts in development cooperation, and future perspectives, among others, in our five areas of impact.
  • Mentoring: The Spinnen-Netz offers an ongoing mentoring program with more professionally experienced mentors.
  • Shared values and mutual trust form the basis of our interactive network.