Call for proposals : Training Workshop on Writing Skills and Case Studies on Climate Change and Human Rights

Ort: Kathmandu/Nepal Arbeitgebende Organisation: Nepal Dialogforum

Nepal Dialogue Forum (NDF), Berlin/Germany


Call for proposals

“Training Workshop

on Writing Skills and Case Studies on Climate Change and Human Rights”


The Nepal Dialogue Forum for Peace and Human Rights (NDF) in Germany  works for the realisation of all universally recognized human rights, effective democratisation, and the establishment of sustainable peace in Nepal. The Forum conducts joint dialogue and advocacy activities with partner organisations and human rights defenders from Nepal on the issues of human rights, rule of law and peacebuilding in Germany, and internationally.

Recently, NDF has commissioned a study on “Experiences & Practices in Nepal on the Effects of the Global Climate Crisis from a Human Rights Perspective”. The study involved partner organisations in Nepal of the German NDF member organisations with the purpose to explore the global climate crisis and its human rights implications in Nepal.As one of the outputs  of the study cases from the work areas of the participants were shared.

In order to use the cases identified for the lobby and advocacy work context in Germany and beyond there is, however, need to do some additional documentation and analysis, complement existing case information and produce informative and catching case studies and stories.


  1. Review case information shared by participating organisations;
  2. Based on the review engage with selected organisations (2-3) and extend support towards preparing a case documentation as per guiding questions provided by NDF. The result will be 2-3 case studies suitable for lobby and advocacy work in Germany.
  3. Facilitate two one-day workshops (to be held in person in Kathmandu/Nepal), in which representatives of the selected organisations and about 6 representatives from other partner organisations who have participated in the study will expand their abilities how to write case studies and stories illustrating the impacts of the global climate crisis on human rights in a way suitable for advocacy work.
  4. Edit and, if necessary, further complement the outputs of the writing workshops (case documentations).
  5. Report to NDF.

Please send your offer stating

  • your ideas and thoughts as to how to design such a programme;
  • your special qualifications, experiences and skills for the task, as well as
  • details of cost estimate and honorarium.

Please send your offer by 31st of May 2024, per email and in one pdf-file, to:

Birgit Felleisen, Coordinator:

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