How can I get the MitWirkung discount?

A 50 percent reduction in contributions is currently envisaged for the following forms of co-activity. This is done by waiving the second half of the membership fee, usually after review by the office.

  1. Mentoring: members with several years of professional experience can accompany younger members as mentors when they start their careers.
  2. Co-impacting by taking over certain co-impacting packages according to agreement: Co-activity & organization of new and regular Spinn.Bars or regular involvement in the editing of the job portal or other website areas.
  3. Attracting new members: Recruit new members: A successful referral of 1 paying member to the Spinnen-Netz must be actively reported to the office via email in order to receive the discount.

Further forms of cooperation options and opportunities can be requested from the office.