General terms and conditions

The following membership and user fees apply as of 01.01.2021:

  • For regular membership: 80,- € per year (incl. VAT of 19%)

  • For the regular membership of freelancers including the use of the freelancer pool: 80,- € per year plus 19% VAT = 95,20 €.

  • For dormant membership: 20,- € (incl. 19% VAT): This is to be applied for individually, in case someone is e.g. on parental leave/time off etc., but wants to keep the profile.

what we offer

Are you looking for meaningful work, social shaping and involvement in a network of exciting people? Do you stand up for social and ecological justice and want to orient yourself professionally or are you looking for professional advice?

With us you will discover non-profit jobs and information about work with social impact at NGOs, foundations, think tanks and educational institutions or in the public sector. In particular, graduates from the social sciences, humanities, geography and agricultural sciences will find what they are looking for.