About us

The professional network Spinnen-Netz for WorkWithImpact in the non-profit-sector: Where good people and good jobs find each other

In a nutshell: Through our network you can find jobs through contacts and background information.

Why? Because in the non-profit sector many jobs are project-based and temporary and networking helps to find the next job or employee.

Concept: Our network provides job opportunities in the non-profit sector. For 15 years, we have been making professional opportunities visible in the jungle of the non-profit sector and encouraging people with idealistic career aspirations to discover meaningful jobs with a social impact. We weave threads between personnel and job seekers - between skilled workers and employers.

Every day, our members can view interesting jobs and job enquiries. Our professional network also enables the exchange of professional entry and development strategies as well as trends in the field at our network meetings - the Spinn.Bars.

Focus of our jobs and contract offers:

Development Cooperation & Development Policy | Sustainability & Climate Protection | Refuge, Migration & Integration | Intercultural Education & Science | Shaping Society

Who is involved, how and where?

Our approximately 600 members, most of whom have a background in the social sciences, humanities or geography, have either been working for several years or have just graduated, or are freelancers. Organisations seeking staff are NGOs, foundations, associations, universities, educational institutions, governmental or international cooperation organisations such as Engagement Global.

Network offers at one glance

  • Job portal with current offers of jobs and assignments in the non-profit sector

  • at our network meetings - the Spinn.Bars - you will experience a feeling of mutual appreciation and inclusion

  • employer contacts through our members and network partners

  • Networking for freelancers, also to take on (joint) assignments

  • Mentoring programme with professionally experienced mentors, which starts on an ongoing basis.

  • Exchange between members on thematic trends, employer organisations, helpful further training in our internal member portal and at our Spinn.Bars

  • The so-called network jobs are special: here we put you in touch with network members or network partners who work for the employer who is advertising the job and can answer questions about it.

Jobseekers can send their job offers directly to the office. We then upload them to the job portal for members. In our various fields of activity, competent and suitable employees can be found quickly for positions in the non-profit sector.

How can you reach us and become a member?

Simply write an e-mail or register immediately.

Office: Berliner Freiheit 26 - 53111 Bonn - Tel 0228 18035150. Mail to the office.
CEO: Dr. Antje Schultheis

self-presentation flyer for download.

Last but not least:

Networks are made and shaped by people. Founder and Executive Director Dr. Antje Schultheis lives the idea of networking in solidarity with passion and continues to shape the Spinnen-Netz day by day with her committed team. In this way, she spins threads between job seekers and people looking for work and creates a feeling of solidarity and of pulling together for a social and ecological transformation - through a WorkWithImpact. With her professional experience at four different NGOs and as a career consultant and trainer, she builds on a very large network in both the non-profit and science sectors.