What do I do if I forget my password?

Forgotten your password? Just click  here to receive a new one. It will be sent to you automatically within seconds.

Still login problems or forgotten password?

  1. Click at the top on "Forgot your password?

  2. Please enter your EMAIL ADDRESS or USERNAME and let us send you a unique login link automatically.

  3. Then an automated email will come to the email address you entered with your username and a LINK, which you have to click on. Please click on "register".

  4. Now you come to your profile, and you can enter a NEW PASSWORD 2x in the provided fields AND SAVE IT AT THE BOTTOM.

  5. Next log in at the top: with the USERNAME that was given to you in the email and enter your new password by hand.

Important: If the email address or username is lost, please send an email to info@spinnen-netz.de with a request for registration data (check if these are the new procedures, otherwise just take the first line above for now).