"Essence of Outdoor Experiential Education" - Training of Trainers

Application open for participants from Germany!

The training program spans over ten days, focusing on the in-depth understanding of outdoor experiential education, including group-building activities, outdoor expeditions, and high and low-rope elements.

The program was designed to achieve the following:

  • Provide Strong Self-Experience: Engage participants in outdoor experiential activities to strengthen their understanding of the methods and self-awareness.
  • Introduce Experiential Education Concepts: Reflect on experiences and discuss the basic concepts and models of experiential education.
  • Introduce the framework of the European Training Strategy (ETS): Share insights about the ETS, supporting the self-reflection and assessment of participants.
  • Nature as a Tool: Inspire participants to use nature as a tool while working with groups, fostering a connection between nature and learning.
  • Develop Facilitation Skills: Enhance the skills required for the efficient facilitation of educational programs.
  • Increase awareness and share the basics of wilderness first aid and outdoor risk management,
  • Create an environment to share good practices and among participants.

We are looking for trainers, educators, youth workers or volunteers working with youth, instructors, facilitators, teachers, coaches, and psychologists who are interested in the topic and who:

  • are interested in outdoor activities and motivated to learn new methods of experiential education
  • Motivated to learn hard and soft skills of outdoor education
  • Their physical condition allows them to hike longer distances, spending a night under the sky, carrying 50l backpacks.
  • Have experience in facilitating groups and designing educational programmes
  • Motivated to gain new competences as a facilitator
  • Being able to communicate and express themselves in English
  • Age above 21

Cost: 30€ participation fee. Accommodation and meals included in the program. Travel costs will be reimbursed through the Erasmus+ program.

See the info letter for more information and application form.