Mentoring Program

The Mentoring program: Orientation and empowerment through experienced mentors.

What does the mentoring program in the Spinnen-Netz look like?

For individual support in the professional orientation and entry phase, the Spinnen-Netz offers ongoing 1:1 mentoring: This means that you can join at any time.

The mentor and the mentee exchange ideas for 9-12 months on the topics and goals of the mentee. Like a sponsor, the mentor plays a supporting, advising and reflecting role. In personal conversations, the mentee can address issues with the mentor that concern him or her with regard to studies, doctoral studies or professional development. The tandem thus primarily offers an exchange of experiences in order to gain suitable career entry strategies, insights into professionally relevant networks and current thematic discourses. 


Become a mentor?

Requirements mentor:

  • More than three years of professional experience

  • Time (approx. 6-12 months with digital or real meetings every 4-6 weeks, or according to mutual time)

  • Task: listen, reflect together based on own experiences,

  • pass on network contacts

  • As a thank you, the membership fee is reduced by half.

Interested? Then please fill out the mentor application questionnaire and email it to our office.


Become a mentee?

Resuirements Mentees:

  • Genuine interest in learning experience and networking (a mentor is not a tutor, does not replace job application training, coaching or therapy)

  • Commitment and flexibility in scheduling time and space with mentor

  • Your feedback (short statement on success or advantage).

  • Spinnen-Netz will charge a one-time fee of 100€ (incl. 19% VAT) for the service of mediation. For non-members or those who want to sniff, it is 160€ (incl VAT).

Everything takes time: Please understand that it can take 4-8 weeks from your inquiry to the search to the fit of a mentoring tandem. Our mentoring teams are hand-picked, so it takes time to achieve a good professional and regional fit. Currently, however, we are also matching digital tandems across regions.

And this feedback shows that mentoring is not only beneficial for mentees but also for mentors:

"My mentee from last year got in touch again. She had taken part in the further training at GNE in Witzenhausen and then got two good internships in development cooperation. Last month she started at Engagement Global in Bonn. I am super happy that it worked out!  The mentoring was a lot of fun and I'm happy to take on a mentee again!"